Treating Asthma with Cone-shaped leaves and Tea HERBAL MEDICINES: Treating Asthma with Cone-shaped leaves and Tea


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Treating Asthma with Cone-shaped leaves and Tea

Asthma is a disease that attacks the body caused by susceptible to something, such as certain substances such as pollen, animal dander, steam, smell, food, or medicine. germs in the throat and nose may also cause asthma. This disease is more common in people who tired or are experiencing severe emotional stress, or it could be due to change of seasons.
developing asthma in children is usually caused by food. asthma that occurs in people at age 45 generally occurs due to infection.
for treating asthma, need to know the cause, then stay away from these causes. If asthma has been attacked, it is necessary to step treatment. treatment can be done through modern medicine / pharmaceutical or herbal / traditional medicine using natural ingredients. belonging to modern medicine such as adrenaline in the form of injections or sprays. Another modern medicine is amonofilin or efedrina.
to treatment with herbal plants can be done by using cone-shaped, tea, daughter of shame, and Ensure the bed and board.

amethyst (Datura Metel) is a woody plant that is green or purple. This plant contains alkaloids skopolamina, meteloidina, hiosiamina, northiosiamina, morskopolamina, kuskohigrina, and nikotina. nutritious substances such as relief medication can reduce the suffering seizures, so it can widen the asthmatic airway is narrowed so as to accelerate the terganngu respiratory asthma attack.

This is how to use the cone-shaped leaves to treat asthma:
cone-shaped leaves chopped, such as tobacco leaf. and then dried. then chopped material was used as a cigarette. 1 g for each cigarette. every day its use is limited to a single cigarette amethyst. besides that its use must be in a doctor's supervision.

There are also other ways to treat asthma by tea leaves or leaves daughter embarrassed that boiled and brewed.

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