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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Treating Cancer with Soursop Leaf

 Cancer is a scourge many people around the world until now. When a lot of research done to find the best cancer drugs, soursop fruit turned out to save this advantage.
Some time ago, Garden Tour held a demo Mekarsari soursop leaf processing provided free of charge to visitors for the 12th time. Activities aimed at providing information on how to cultivate soursop well to be used as alternative drugs to kill cancer cells.
In addition to looking directly soursop leaf processing demo, visitors can also answering questions about the herbal treatment of cancer and presented interesting knowledge about the ins and outs of plant cultivation and processing soursop leaves for herbal medicine for cancer. Curious how soursop capable of being a killer of cancer cells?
Each section is useful soursop
Soursop name comes from Dutch "zuur zak", meaning sour fruit. Parts of the plant began to flower, leaf, fruit, seeds, bark, and roots can be used as traditional medicine.
In the early 1990s, found 34 Cytotoxic compounds, on soursop leaves are able to inhibit to kill body cells that have abnormal growth (cancer cells). These compounds have several advantages when compared with current cancer treatments, among others, to kill cancer effectively and safely, without causing nausea and vomiting and without weight loss or loss of hair in large numbers.
Soursop leaves known to contain substances capable of acetogenins annonaceous 10,000 times more potent cell-killing cancer cells than adriamycin substance, commonly used in chemotherapy treatment. Substance acetogenins can kill various types of cancer, like colon cancer, thyroid, prostate, lung, breast, and pancreatic disease even hemorrhoids without damaging or disturbing the body's cells healthy. This has been studied in the laboratory of the Health Sciences Institute, the United States under the supervision of the National Cancer Institute, the United States.
"Before deciding to eat processed soursop leaves as a treatment for cancer or tumors, you should consult first with your doctor or herbalist place during this treatment. Therefore, the concern you have allergies to soursop or drugs during the time you consume an effect reversed by compounds in soursop leaf, "explains Stephen, herbalist from Herbacure, on his presentation.
Method of processing
Furthermore, Stephen and Tri Wibowo Darmawan, soursop crop experts from the Tourism Park Mekarsari describes how soursop leaves for herbal treatment of cancer prevention, the following:
1. In cancer treatment, leaves of soursop (10-15 pieces) boiled in 3 cups water (600 cc) until the remaining 1 cup cooking water. At the time of boiling should use a pitcher or a pot made of clay so that the purity of substances that exist in soursop leaves to stay awake. Drunk while warm boiled water every day, morning or evening for 3-4 weeks.
"It should be noted, soursop leaf collection should be started from the leaf to the 4th or the 5th from the top edge. This is because the leaves are too young, not many compounds are formed. While on the older leaves have started to destroy so that levels are reduced, "said Darmawan.
2. In addition to the above processing techniques, in general there are other processing soursop leaf, namely by using 10-15 pieces of dried soursop leaves with 2 cups boiling water (400 cc) so that the remaining 1 cup cooking water. The boiling process takes only 1-1.5 hours, so much faster process than the above. The drying process should not be done under the scorching sun because it was feared would damage the compounds in soursop leaves.
"Soursop dried leaves have remained the same compound with soursop leaf wet with a decrease in the drying process only the water content. Meanwhile, the compounds in the leaves to stay awake. Soursop leaf storage in the refrigerator up to a week since picking because the process of cooling a long feared would damage the compounds in the leaves than leaves an unpleasant smell because the fermentation process, "Darmawan said.
3. Consumption of fresh soursop fruit (150-250 g / day) to process them into juice or eaten directly is strongly recommended. Soursop fruit pulp other than as an energy booster (in general, people with cancer / tumors badanya conditions weak / lethargic) are also rich in fiber which helps the process of spending on cancer cells that have died as a result of healing by the compounds of acetogenins.
Excretion of dead cancer cells could be through sweat, urine, and feces that are generally used herbal therapies soursop leaves as a treatment will effect a warm / hot on the body of the sick, frequent urination, and sweating profusely. How quickly the body's reaction to penggobatan or medication side effects is different for each person affected by factors such as age, patient endurance, the stage of the cancer / tumor, and type of cancer or tumor.
4. Other soursop leaf processing is by way of blending 3-5 soursop leaves wet by adding ¼ cup water (50 cc) of warm water to help the process of destruction. Before the blender, the leaves should be cut into sections 3-4 in order to more quickly destroyed. Once destroyed, put the leaves into the container with the lid tightly, then add 1 cup hot water into it and stir until blended.
Close the container tightly closed so that heat is maintained and the process of extraction of compounds can be maximized. Leave for 15-20 minutes, after which the filtered and processed to take water to drink while warm.
If no blender, soursop leaf processing can also be crushed using a mortar with the same processing techniques blended way.
"Processing blended or crushed by the extraction of compounds is not as much as soursop leaves compared with the first technique (boiling the leaves wet) and the second technique (boiling the dried leaves), but more efficient. The results of both techniques are generally processed at a fairly stinging smell unpleasant. To suppress the aroma can be added a little pineapple juice or other fruit that is preferred. And do not add pure palm sugar, honey or sugar if it's not like, because it is through a chemical process, "explained Stephen.
Reaction treatment
Reaction of treatment using the processed leaves of the soursop is generally react after 3-7 days after treatment on a regular basis three times a day even though there are also new to react after a month of regular consumption.
"If there is no reaction, check back in detail, from choosing tools and materials, leaf collection techniques, processing methods, techniques and even consumption whether routine or not, because all is a unity that must be met for maximum results," advises Stephen.
He added, check the condition of your illness before treatment and check back two weeks after treatment to see how far the reaction to treatment with this method. If there is no effect for two months of consumption, when it was running correctly processing, then treatment with soursop leaf preparations may ditingggalkan.
"For patients who are worried sour stomach ulcer due to consumption of soursop fruit rose slightly acid, should consume an hour after eating fruit. When suffering from stomach ulcers rather acute, the consumption of fruit can be done by way of steaming meat soursop first so that sour taste is reduced, "added Stephen.

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