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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Protecting healthy eyes from radiation monitors

Computer monitors can make the user's eyes less healthy. Computer users should always pay attention to eye health. In today's computers are no longer strangers among the people and even children mengenalnya.Untuk caring for your eyes from the computer, here are some ways to care for her.
Signs that your eyes are usually affected by radiation often feels blurry eyes, eyes dazed, his head a little dizzy, and even the most depressing is the sense of nausea for beginners who use computers.Here's one testimonial berkecipung experienced writer in the computer field that says: End the end, I feel eyes began to blur if to look far. Whereas previously if seeing distant objects is still very clear. Maybe this is one of the effects of computer radiation. But can not complain too, because in my daily work demands should be in front of the computer for long hours.
I feel you also must have experienced the same thing instead. There's even my neighbor's child she was just 10 years old but already pake glasses. Does not he have cause for concern. So this time I will try to share a little trick to you all how to care for the eye to keep it in good health. My dear young kalo udah four eyes (pake glasses).
1. Try installing a filter on your computer monitor. This filter serves to withstand the radiation from reaching the eyes.
2. Choose a monitor that shaped LCD / plasma. Since this monitor is believed to be better than an older model monitor. If you have enough money, can buy a good VGA color monitor is not tiring to the eye.
3. Keep your eye distance with a computer monitor. Ideally the distance eye to a computer is 30 cm.
4. Place monitor your eye on one level. Do not be too low and not too high. Try when you look at the computer feels nice and comfortable
5. Set the color on the monitor screen so pleasing to the eye. Do not be too bright because it can cause your eyes to be dazzled. Also do not be too dark, because it will cause your eyes are working too hard so it makes the eyes dry quickly.
6. Set the screen refresh rate to 75 HTZ. The trick if you use Windows XP right click on desktop-properties-settings-advanced-monitor-see column rate.atur screen refresh to 75 HTZ.
7. Blink the eye as often as possible. Because with our eyes blink, will stimulate the tear glands to shed tears which serves to make the eyes become moist and humid. If you rarely blink, the eye will become dry. If forced prescient will become ill and eventually memerah.bila necessary you can buy the eyedrops to make the eyes are always wet.
8. You can buy the kind of glasses you can use when using a computer.
9. Notice the light around the room where you use a computer. Keep an adequate supply of light room. Do not use a computer in a dark room (not enough light).
10. After the use of computers in a long time, rest your eyes at least 15 minutes. You can see the view from the room to freshen mata.usahakan to see objects such as trees and green foliage leaves. Because according to the researchers, the green color can make the eyes come back fresh.
11. Expand the consumption of foods that menandung vitamin A as carrots. Rajinlah also to check the eyes to an ophthalmologist to rule out disorders of the eye. If the eye has been felt really bad, do not be ashamed to use glasses. here
are some supplements for the health of your eyes and this again. and other

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