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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Treat breast cancer with Mangosteen

Breast cancer is a disease that causes uncontrolled growth of breast tissue cells. Breast cancer can occur in men or women. Breast cancer is a disease that causes death number five in the world. Most breast cancers occur in women. in men, the chances of developing breast cancer is very small.

The way to know the breast cancer is by taking a sample of breast tissue swelling. in this way, will be known cell growth is experienced, whether the tumor is benign or malignant tumors.

other types of breast cancer are:
1. Non-invasive breast cancer. swelling occurs in milk producing milk bag.
2. invasive breast cancer. swelling had spread out around the bag of milk and spreads through the blood vessels.

if you feel the swelling in your breasts, do the examination by a doctor immediately.
this is done the disease will more severe. and then the doctor will perform the treatment by medical means.
the other treatment can be done with herbal medicines.
Breast cancer can be treated with mangosteen juice.
Mangosteen is a fruit that contains powerful antioxidants because they contain xanthone exceeds several times the vitamin C and E.
Journal of pharmacology publish that xanthone has anti-cancer effects such as breast cancer, blood cancer, and liver cancer.
xanthone found in mangosteen fruit can also treat heart attacks, atherosclerosis, hypertension, and platelets. xanthone also widens blood vessels and facilitate the circulation of blood.
Mangosteen also contains the minerals potassium, which helps metabolize energy.

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