Herbs are good for people with anemia HERBAL MEDICINES: Herbs are good for people with anemia


Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Herbs are good for people with anemia

Anemia or blood deficiency does not mean the amount of blood or a little less. Called the blood shortage is due to deficiency of red blood called hemoglobin. Here are some herbal potions anemia:

1 handful of thorns spinach leaves, finely minced da wash, let the water cook 1 / 2 cup then squeeze and strain. Enter the egg yolks 1 whole chicken, and honey 1 tbsp. Shake well and drink 1 cup 2 x daily.
Children banana bundle the new 1 inch tall. Washed and grated and sprinkled salt 1 tablespoon water, squeezed and filtered and then taken 2 times a day 3 tbsp.
Leaves green beans 1 / 2 phones, washing and smoked for a while. Then eat as a salad at meals 2 times daily as needed.
Roots tread liman 1 / 4 handheld, wash and then minced finely, squeeze with pure honey and 1 tablespoon lemon juice 2 tsp. Squeeze and strain and drink 2 times daily 3 tbsp.

Other herbs that are good for people with anemia is Kale. Kale mostly found in wet fields and rice paddies. Kale treat anemia. kale is also a plant that contains good fiber to aid digestion. 

Do not underestimate if suffering from anemia or anemia. blood has a role that are essential for the blood is a means of transporting nutrients and oxygen, so the blood has an important role to one's health. a person with anemia will get a supply of oxygen deficiency in the body, so it will be easy limp.

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