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Friday, October 7, 2011

Caring for Healthy and Beautiful Skin

The skin is the body that are important to humans. beautiful skin makes one more beautiful and confident. Skin care was easy and simple. but many of us did not know a good way because too much was told about the expensive way by advertising.

1. Get used to clean the skin regularly.When you cleanse your face. Do it in several important stages. Start clean with a milk cleanser and toner in the morning and evening. Then proceed with a special soap to clean your face with a pH adjusted to face asia.Although rarely use makeup and activities outside the home. This stage must still be done, because not 100% clean your face with just soap alone. There also are using alcohol, but the actual use of alcohol with high levels can even boomerang for your skin. Mix with water or use alcohol content of 30% for maximum results.

2. Wash hands before touching your faceGet used to keep hands clean before you touch your face. Thus, you will face away from the contaminated bacteria or dirt that can trigger skin diseases like acne.

3. Wear UV protectionUV rays were extremely dangerous and is categorized as a trigger for skin cancer. Not just cancer, the type of simple ailments such as acne also Nati exposed to direct sunlight without protection constantly. So, same thing would be lying if you do care but are often absent wear sunblock.
Some celebrities like Madonna, Angelina Jolie, Vanessa Hudgens trying to avoid the sun at 11 am until 2 pm because the sun was very bad and can damage the skin. So! Get ready borong sunblock deh!.
4. White WaterAlthough already heard this a million times, because after all this is the most important ingredient of all beauty and health care. Do not outsmart the water contains ions such that most products on the market. Karna not be fooled guys!. Your body still needs to mineral water intake at least as much as 2 liters a day.
5. MassageDoing massage or a light massage is very important boost blood circulation and regeneration of new skin. No need to be expensive to come to the spa or salon. Simply massage it lightly with olive oil. The best time to do this is at night. Because later will be faster stimulate the exchange of circulation cells in the skin. Eliminate fatigue, relaxation face and brighten the skin. Apply serum vitamin afterward for maximum results.
6. Keep FUNDo not leave you filled with many thoughts that create stress. The more you stress with a variety of pressures you, your hormones will work super active and trigger skin problems. Such as eczema, acne and others.
7. ClimateGet used to using the product according to the seasons, climate and your lifestyle. If you are regular in AC neighborhood not use moisturizers to keep skin dry. To which often outdoors, wear sunblock and multiply the products contain vitamins and minerals to maintain freshness.

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